Accountability and Tracking

  • Dashboards for students, teachers, parents, schools, programs, districts, consortiums, and states
  • Online course catalogs and enrollment services
  • Online registrar services
  • Online payment options
  • Dynamic and customizable reporting
  • Live Chat for administrators and teachers

Measurable Outcomes

GRACE Foundation uses Education2020’s advanced student information system (SIS) to track and monitor student performance. In a virtual school environment, data tracking and reporting is imperative for academic success. Education2020 combines its SIS, learning management system (LMS), and Web Administrator, to create a powerful set of reporting tools. The SIS displays learning analytics so students, guardians, teachers, and other staff members can track student progress, grades, and activity levels. With configurable filters, users can easily identify where students are having difficulty and intervene by sending customized communication. The SIS generally tracks course grades, academic progress, and student activity. These measures help determine overall performance in areas such as:
  • Content comprehension
  • Timeliness of student work
  • Achievement of program goals
Students who struggle with any of the key indicators automatically appear on a “watch list” and receive automated notifications them stay on task. Weekly snapshots track student performance over time, and help indicate whether the difficulty is an isolated incident or the student consistently has issues with the course material.