Exceptional Academic Support

Our unique Student Support Model provides individual assistance to students at their request. To ensure they stay on track, we offer multiple layers of support, including:

Success Coaches

Success Coaches work with students via Live Chat to:
  • Monitor progress and performance
  • Review activities with students
  • Direct students to revisit content
  • Grant access to assessments
  • Provide success strategies to students
  • Connect students with concept coaches and instructors

Concept Coaches

Concept Coaches work with students through Live Chat and interactive white board sessions to:
  • Provide direct intervention in courses
  • Demonstrate concepts and provide examples for understanding
  • Deliver one-on-one instruction
  • Participate in threaded discussions
  • Connect students with a Virtual Instructor for additional remediation and intervention
  • Communicate with Virtual Instructors and Program Administrators

Virtual Instructors

All GRACE instructors are fully-certified teachers who can:
  • Provide instruction, enrichment, and application
  • Arrange for web conference meetings
  • Proctor online group activities and threaded discussions
  • Facilitate student/teacher one-on-one meetings
  • Set weekly office hours for student questions
  • Discuss and review student interaction with coaches and mentors
  • Communicate with district administrators and parents


All GRACE Coaches and Virtual Instructors provide as-needed mentoring support for students. However, if a student is struggling or not making adequate progress, a dedicated mentor can:
  • Provide proactive communication to students, parents, and district staff
  • Perform orientation services for students and parents
  • Send out alerts on attendance, progress, and grades
  • Work with students to develop progress goals
  • Model and teach best practices for virtual learning
  • Create individualized student intervention plans

Academic Support Hours

The Academic Student Support Team is available Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. – 11 p.m. Eastern Time.